Training and Education Committee

Dr. Ahmed M. Al-Dukhail
  • Chairman of Training and Education Committee
  • PhD Degree in Sport rehabilitation sciences at University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • SFSM Managing Director
Samir Ibrahim Arif
  • Committe Member
  • Assistant Consultant Family Medicine at King Saud University
  • Earned ARAB BOARD of Family medicine degree in 2014
Abdulaziz Al-Nafisah
  • Committe Member
  • Master in Nutrition and Sport Science- New York University-USA
Ahmed Mahrous
  • Committe Member
  • Senior Physical Therapist
  • Specialised in musculoskeletal and sports injuries.
Thamer Hamad Thamer
  • Committe Member
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Committe Responsibilities
  • Offering specialized, high quality and academically superior training courses and workshops on modern and important sports medicine applied subjects
  • Developing and promoting ways of academic publicity at the Federation (reference books, circulars, leaflets, pamphlets…etc) on the various current specialties of sports medicine in order to cope with the great advances in field and in sports systems
  • Authoring and translating specialized pamphlets on sport injuries, especially those which are common in Saudi Arabia and making them available on the Federation homepage
  • Giving athletes educational and awareness lectures on sports injuries and ways of their prevention and management
  • Providing certification and courses to qualify those who wish to practice sports medicine
  • . Applying constant improvements on the criteria of sports medicine quality control
  • Developing a proposal to make the Federation the exclusive official reference for the approval of all health practitioners working in the field of sports medicine in clubs and national teams
  • Measuring the effect of training on participants and surveying the opinions of trainers and trainees in order to reach better results
  • Developing annual plans for training programs for all groups
  • (Composing) establishing sports medicine manual by the Saudi Federation of Sports Medicine to become a comprehensive and assisting manual to all medical teams at the federations and clubs to ensure safety and health of players through optimal application of medical care based on modern scientific evidences and proofs
  • Providing accredited certificates and courses in coordination with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and related concerned bodies in the field of sports medicine
  • Exerting continuous efforts to improve the bases and standards of training and qualification practice among those concerned in sports medicine sciences in collaboration with the related bodies
  • Providing members of the Saudi Federation of Sports Medicine by the ability to access internet site for registering of CME as well as becoming acquainted of educational sources