About SFSM

The Federation

The Saudi Federation of Sports Medicine is a national organization of multiple specializations. Under its umbrella, a number of professionals and specialists work together for the enhancement of Saudi community health and active life style and the realization of safe sports practice.


To reach excellence, leadership and creativity in all areas related to sports medicine at regional and international levels.


The Federation endeavors to develop the profession of sports medicine with all its specialties in Saudi Arabia by offering excellent research and education programs, supporting sports medicine issues, providing very high quality medical care and health consultation for all those who practice sport whether professional or amateur. It also contributes to building a Saudi community that is full of life and physical activity, starting with its own members and those who benefit from its services, in the lead up to the enhancement of the Saudi community general health and realization of safe sports environment.

Values and principles
  1. Excellence:We aspire for excellence through measuring our performance compared with the leading medical organization in the world
  2. Leadership:We aim to build the leading role for the sports medicine specialization as a source of revelation as well as an encouragement to us and our partners
  3. Creativity:We believe creativity and innovation are two basic and significant requirements expected from the federation to achieve excellence and obtain leadership
  4. Integrity and honesty:We believe integrity of individual and group behaviors form the corner stone at the world health organization (WHO) and what we exercise is that called for by Islamic religion, and so the federation shall always adopt integrity, honesty, equity and equality in providing services and reaching all beneficiaries of federation services and maintaining its relations with all its partners, and in developing all specializations of sports medicine without bias to a certain category or specialization
  5. Partnership:It is necessary to establish partnerships of mutual benefit that leads to developing the strength of each partner, and as such the federation seeks to build relations that respect and appreciate support and contributions of partners who share the federation in achieving its objectives including exchange of knowledge, information and experiences
Targeted categories
  1. Those specialized in sports medicine including without limitation:
  • Physician of sports medicine
  • Specialist of sports physical therapy
  • Specialist of physical effort physiology
  • Specialist of sports nutrition
  • Specialist of sports psychology
  • Specialist of biomechanics
  1. Sports parishioners in general
  2. Elites and professionals of sports
  3. Sports teams and trainers
  4. Children and parents
  5. Businessmen and labors
  6. Non-sports individuals
  7. Specials needs individuals
  8. Sports federations
  9. Saudi clubs
  10. Ministry of Health
  11. General presidency of Youth Care
Strategic objectives
  1. Working as a distinguished educational and training reference for all specialists in the field of sports medicine and to all sports practitioners and those concerned in health and physical fitness issues
  2. Entrenchment and development to sports medicine researches and scholarships through finding scholarship opportunities, financial support, cooperation and partnerships
  3. Support and reinforcement to issues of priority in the filed of sports medicine that touches sports individuals, members of sports medicine, patients and their communities
  4. Support and encouragement of excellence in adopting care and safety of sports medicine patients and guaranteeing securing medical care that rises to reach the international standards for all sports practitioners whether they are professionals or amateurs and enabling every individual to return to exercise sports after injury as soon as possible and in a secure manner after injury or sickness
  5. Building a Saudi community full of life and activity through providing advantageous advice and information to reinforce health of the Saudi community and to establish secure sports environment
  6. Providing medical advice and professional assistance to all Saudi sports federations and clubs and especially for players participating in the national teams in all games and to different ages
  7. Information exchange between the members and community individuals effectively
  8. Providing suitable environment to reinforce the professional relations among the specialist of sports medicine for the sake of developing the profession of sports medicine in all fields in the Kingdom through excellence in providing educational and research programs and support to the issues of this profession
  9. Assistance in providing the necessary resources( human and non-human) as well as their arrangement to get optimal benefit from them in order to support the mission of the Saudi federation of sports medicine for the purpose of achieving its objectives
  10. Finding and /or developing partnerships and relations with establishments and governmental and private entities in order to achieve the mutual benefit to support the mission of the Saudi federation of sports medicine
  11. Providing developmental plans to upgrade performance and styles of work of the federation and its procedures as well as rationalizing the costs and increase of its resources and diversifying their sources
  12. Maintaining the relationship of the federation with all beneficiaries of its services including the governmental and private entities, establishments, institutions and associations as well as seeking to find multiple means to develop awareness between all entities and individuals about the role of the federation , its objectives and concerns besides participating in the efforts and advertising campaigns that are exerted to induce making a clear and prominent image for the federation in the sports street

** The previous strategic objectives have originated from the following developmental corners that their objectives will be achieved through the roles being entrusted to the board of directors, executive office, secretariat general and the different committees and branches of the federation:

  • Education and training
  • Scientific research
  • Support of sports medicine and specialists issues
  • Patients care